Pedagogical Section in Australia

Class 9 Camp Moreton Is
“When human beings meet together seeking the spirit with unity of purpose then they will also find their way to each other.” Rudolf Steiner

The main work of the Pedagogical Section covers all those who work in schools whether they are in teaching, administration, garden care or governance.

The well-spring of forces for the future that Rudolf Steiner hoped would flow into schools arises wherever those gather, work and study who have a will to work with the spirit of Steiner/Waldorf education as it wishes to unfold in these times in our world today.

Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum

The Pedagogical Section in Australia is linked to the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum Switzerland.

This worldwide Pedagogical Section is part of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum and is connected to all educational centres which work on the basis of anthroposophy.

The tasks of the Pedagogical Sections internationally are educational research and the support of anthroposophically inspired pedagogy. One of the most important aims of the Section is to stimulate a renewal of education out of its original sources in support of and in dialogue with educators active in Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner kindergartens, schools and other institutions world-wide.